Snooker loopy.

Doesn't the ref look like he has a cue through his head!

I should have been a boy, especially when it comes to snooker.
I love to watch it live, (if that's the word).
A while ago, I dragged my boyfriend at the time to
York where there is a tournament every year.

We stayed in the same hotel as Jimmy White's lairy dad, and
would hang out in the bar with him. I was delighted.
I think we were there for 3 days. 3 days and nights of snooker.

Poor boyfriend.

On our last night, we went for a pizza, it was pretty late by then.
We were hardly talking, we had just had a row.
I think I was trying to talk him into another day of snooker (I know, I know).
We sat down. At the next table was sitting Willie Thorne and Dennis Taylor.
It was a very small restaurant. and we were very close.

We ordered and tried not to hear everything they were saying.
Suddenly Dennis's phone went off, it was very loud.
He took ages to answer it. The tune was really familiar......

The boyfriend and I looked each other in the eye at exactly
the same moment and both started laughing our cocks off.

It was 'The Entertainer', the theme tune to 'Pot Black'.

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