... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Leatherleaf Mahonia

(Mahonia bealei)
I think I'm hooked: today it was drizzling, but I went for a wander in the drizzle just so I could find my blip for the day...
Oh well.

I went for an amble on Tooting Bec Common, and found a clump of Mahonia (it is native to China, so looks right at home...), and its fruit were ripening so were at various stages of ripeness and displaying various colours (they're pale powdery green when unripe, then darken to purple and sometimes a vivid powdery blue colour. Some of them also seem to shrivel up and look a bit like not-quite-right grapes...).
The bush was very dense so it took me a while to find a shot where there were both interesting fruit and also leaves with satisfying water droplets; I eventually got it, and am quite pleased that I achieved something approaching the picture I was after.

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