Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

... Blue E-blip

This is a bit of an emergency blip. I'm still knocked sideways with fatigue today, so ended up taking the day off and have been sleeping for hours. Only way to appease my very cranky brain. All will be right by tomorrow.

So, this was taken on the fly, through my living room window. I baited the "trap" (flower basket) with a handful of whole peanuts and the rest took less than 5 minutes. I positioned myself on the sofa, cracked the window open enough to get Big Daddy's snout through and waited for the blue jays to appear .I cropped this a bit so you could see the the look of delight on the jay's face. Okay, maybe "delight" is too strong a word. You get the idea, though. And, if you think he looks a little disheveled, you are right - woke to a steady rain and lots of very wet birds.

I'll be back later to check in and make some comments - I'm counting on your guys to hold down the blip-fort!

Happy Monday...

Almost forgot - if you are interested, the first of the Cornell Red Tailed hawks has hatched and the second egg is hatching (which takes up to 50 hours). Take a peek HERE

And the two bald eaglets are getting huge - see eagle-cam here

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