The Unforgiving Minute

By JonnyW

Fake Plastic Trees (2)

Went for steak near Tower Bridge with friends. Had a great time and a great meal. A loooooong delay with the main course earned us free duff (without even asking). The steak was tremendous, really juicy and tender but with great flame-griddled carbon on the outside. You can't say 'no' to a good steak. Kat and I shared some wine too, a South African Chenin Blanc; I find the new world wines go very well with steak.

Took this blip on the way home; I was walking towards Tower Bridge to get a classic but I think this is better. Hope you agree. After a quick (and slightly chilly) blip we found a little coffee place that was still open and had a surprisingly lengthy discussion with the coffee lady, who (bizarrely) spent a long time telling me that coffee is bad for you.

Also, got new job.

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