Return to the North

By Viking


General sentiment of texts from friends tonight- why? Well I applied for a job and didn't get an interview. I had been saying for months that this was the job for me - unfortunately they didn't think so! BUT I am actually (and surprisingly) not down hearted. As soon as the application had gone in I was asking myself whether I really wanted to give up the teaching.(the job was as a principal) The resounding noise I heard in my own head was 'NO'. I love teaching so Murchison- I'm afraid I am going to be here for some time ti come.
The postcard says it all - I have faith that things happen for a reason- obviously the reason here is that I have things still to do in Murch:-)))

On another note was great to meet fellow blooper 'flying' (sorry am on an iPhone so no links) and her husband L tonight. Great catch up on their way through on holiday. Thanks for the company - was lovely

On yet another note ' Go The Breakers' fantastic edge of seat win

And and and - Winnie is a hot water bottle cover soon to be put to good use!!

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