By kamerakazi

Take a break, relax, recharge

I picked up a new camera last night the Pentax K-01 with 3 lenses. A 40mm, f2.8 tiny pancake lens that comes as a kit with the camera, a Tamron 25-75mm f2.8 zoom lens which is very bright, and a Pentax Limited 70mm f2.4 lens. The Limited was only 30,000yen as it was second hand but came with 6 month warranty from the shop.

I had originally planned on buying either the Olympus OM-D E-M5 or the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera. I had actually played with the K-01 in the shop and was somehow not impressed with it. I thought it was ugly, badly designed, and was not too impressed with the images I saw on the web. However, I had the opportunity for a day to borrow a K-01 with the 70mm f2.4 lens from a friend, and wow.... I completely changed my feelings about this camera! I went from finding it at the bottom of my wish list, to the camera I needed.... NOW! So, I rush ordered it on Amazon Japan and got it the next day :)

Today, well, this evening actually, was my first time out with my own K-01 and I found that I actually had fun using my camera. The strange shape has actually grown on me and I now found it easier to hold and more comfortable than other cameras. The image quality is extremely satisfying, even hand-held shots at 1/8th and at 1600-3200 ISO.

I chose this shot of a businessman taking a break on the street benches. He looked exhausted as I saw him holding his head as I approached him. I sat near him, put the K-01 on my lap, aimed and took the shot while pretending to be checking my iPhone for mail in the other hand.

So, long blip post, but in the end, I just wanted to say that I had misjudged a camera before getting to know it well. I hope I have not done this to someone, and thus may have lost the chance to make a great friend before even knowing them.

My other shots from this evening are here on my Facebook albums. Please have a look if you have a moment, and feel free to add me (but please tell me you are from Blip so I know).

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