Just Because

By Sarah75

Smokey Scrolls

I've seen a few really cool smoke images on here but have no idea what set up is used, and I doubt I have the right stuff anyway.

Not be put off by a few minor details, such as not knowing how or even what I needed, I bought some incense sticks today and in the 2.4 minutes I had spare tonight I had a try.

The shot's technically a mess, really noisy and nothing special but I liked the swirl. Hopefully someone will take pity on me and tell me more about how they're done.

Hopefully it will also stop pi$$ing down with rain and brighten up as I'm going to take photos of my cousin's baby tomorrow and need some nice light. I've just bought a cheap flash diffuser so will try that out and see if that makes any difference but I'd rather not use the flash when snapping a tiny baby.

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