eye of the camera

By telefoto


My poor little girl had to have her booster shoots today . I'd told her she was going to doctors but let her in to too much detail as I needed her to go in, she just said I don't need to go I'm not poorly! Any ways I got her there and she was chatting away to nurse ... Undressed like was asked then came the shock ! A big horrible needle in each thigh! Omg did she cry nasty nurse lol. For her braveness she got to chose these stickers 1 for each injection she also got sweets to easy the pain... She is such a little framer queen. She couldn't walk apparently so was in her buggy and when we got home after a lot of sniffing and whimpering she was limping !!

I think all is well now though.

Tonight at work was slow ...I did a stint on the chicken department then was on till but was quiet tonight.

Good news is some one to me something which may help me do what I want so fingers crossed and I'll keep ya posted x x

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