By Naturelover

This has been Bird Week!

Sorry to blip yet another bird, but this one surprised me!! I've seen crows on the bird feeder before, but this one let me sneak right up to the door for a close-up!

At first I noticed a couple of squirrels who were keeping their distance, then I saw the crow monopolizing the feeder. I thought it was a lost cause because they are so skittish, but I shuffled carefully towards him and he paid no attention!
Finally he gave me this disdainful look and leisurely flew off!
Sorry there are some reflections from the door, but I wasn't about to repeat yesterday's misadventure.

I'm cooking with my daughter this evening...something we used to do once a week, but since she had her second child we haven't managed to do very often. Should be a good time, and hopefully we'll be able to eat the results!!

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