also sleeping on the wall. I can come close but not too close, if I do not want to disturb him. I would not like to chase him into the water.
During the morning the sun did shine on and off. Nice weather to walk around, let my thoughts float, nice things, sad things, I just let them enter, consider them and let go again.
I make a beginning of digging where I plan my tiny pond, perhaps every day working on it a little bit is a good idea. The suggestion in the books was at least 80 cm deep, but that is not what I intend to dig.
I also followed a thick bumble-bee on the purple flowers of the rhododendron, a good exercise I think.
Started to read the short stories of Somerset Maugham, again after decades.

My haiku:

I see the blossoms
Scatter and they land softly
No not at my head

And the proverb from Cervantes:

She/he is blind enough who sees not through a sieve.

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