I was reflecting on the usual things this morning after a colleague had seen Donald Trump's plane coming into the airport. The news was bulging with stories of Jeremy Hunt offering (allegedly) to help out the Murdochs. Salmond outed doing the same (allegedly). Of course, at this point the wearisome cynic would chip in with a, 'just shows you, they're all the same' comment. I've always detested that line.
But of course, they do have similarities. Conceited, arrogant, pompous vain chuffs. Quite amusing that we should inflict them on 'the likes of' Donald Trump haha.
Anyway, I knew we were in for a pissy wet end to the day, so looked for a puddle to blip as I trudged home post-Teuchters with my microwaveable luxury fish pie and luxury rhubarb yoghurt and french baton. There were nane to be had. Wonder if I should give Trumpy a call.

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