premise and license

It's because other people might have the sort of nervousness I have about going into pubs about getting on a bike that the thing on Saturday is supposed to be helping. When I set off from a junction I know that I can balance and push and look around, but some have to address these one thing at a time. I hope that the unheard-of-ly-high twenty-plus cycles at the lights across Fountainbridge this morning were more than just the usual springtime waxing.

One year after acquiring it, the rack is currently functioning as a support unit for a poster. I've been trying to arrange things so that it's visible when I'm parked or stopped. It got looked at a bit yesterday at the station and was hopefully observed by at least one or two people whilst it was parked here. I've not been getting into the office car park early enough to bag a spot next to the doors where everyone would pass it but have noticed a few people stopping and looking at some of the posters inside the building. Time to print out a few more flyers for distribution somewhere tomorrow lunchtime.

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