Latitude Living

By QueSeraSara

Bearing Fruit

I got excited seeing my first strawberry ripen on its vine. It feels early to get such a lovely little gift from my garden. Then again, nature, after a mild winter, has moved quickly into spring this year. I am, also, overjoyed by my potential strawberry crop (small as it may be); since it feels like a reward for the hard labor I did over the past summer. Before coming home from Haiti last year, our backyard was nearly barren-not a raised bed or tilled corner in sight. Putting in a garden last year was my therapy after a stressful few years overseas- from running an INGO in Vietnam directly into overseeing a post-earthquake Haiti recovery program. Digging, planting, and pulling weeds was what I needed to get my kinks out. It brought daily satisfaction, seeing something tangible that grew and produced results. I am excited in thinking about what my labor will produce this year.

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