Paeony bud

Another day of almost continuous rain - really rather depressing. Essential chores were done in the morning, including taking the dogs to the vets for their annual boosters and going into town to sort out finances and buy a new coffee maker - a truly essential item in our household!

The afternoon was spent working with the boys. Ben and I had fun doing displacement reactions as part of his chemistry GCSE while Alex slogged away at his woodland management plan.

The rain finally stopped late in the afternoon, and I managed to sneak out into the garden with my camera. I love the glossy appearance of this tree paeony bud, showing a glimpse of the colour to come. Last year this wonderful plant, which goes by the name of Paeonia mlokosewitschii was in full flower on April 19th (and was my blip for the day). What a difference a year makes!

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