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I love this plant. I don't know if it's actually a weed or not but it's just one of the coolest plants. It springs up in the most unlikely places. It grows out of small cracks in the cement. It crawls up brick walls which seemingly don't have anything to grab on to. It represents life where you expect to see none. Since I saw this one first crawl out of the foundations, I started watering it.
NB. Regularly watering plants is a concept from South Australia where plants die if you don't do this task. In Queensland, the water just keeps falling from the sky, typically while the sun is still shining so it is not so necessary. This plant was an exception since it was growing in a dry protected area under the eaves of the house. It's hanging out close to the drain pipe almost as if it can hear the water rushing down it and is searching for the source ;O)

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