There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Bridge and Cat-O-Nine-Tails in the Morning Sun

I'm very fortunate to live where I do. There are so many lovely places to see in this rural area, including a little wetlands - Millbrook Marsh - that is actually sort of . . . right in town, about five minutes from where I work.

I'm usually there first thing in the morning, fitting in a quick visit before work. In about fifteen minutes, I can walk the wooden boardwalk up to the duck blind, and watch the sun rise over Mount Nittany.

The area is just full of birds. I saw a gorgeous tealy-blue tree swallow again (maybe the same one I blipped before?), a mama duck and her fuzzy charges sailing down the spring run, some redwing blackbirds, and a mated pair of cardinals (you may remember the male - I once blipped him on a cold winter day).

This photo shows one of the several wooden bridges over the marsh. I liked the way it was backlit by the morning sun, the light shining over all and giving it an odd, almost painterly, impressionist effect. Oh, that I could start every day gazing at such a peaceful scene . . .

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