Had a great day today. After dropping the two big yins at school I headed to the dentist with the wee yin. All went well and I could see her dancing in the reflection from the ceiling fan, from there I had to pop to work with her to check some stuff that had not gone so well. Ho hum! But she was great chatting away with folks while I checked what was going on.
From there we headed to Analogue Books to pick up a copy of the Enlightened Cyclist, which looks pretty funny. Then the library, as if I need any more music at the moment.
Beth and I then had lunch out, I have been out for lunch with the big girls before but I think this is the first with just Beth.
After lunch she fell asleep and I headed to my favorite food shops, Sandersons Butchers and Lupe Pinto's. Is there any better food shopping when you can speak to folks who know you and know what they are selling.?

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