Indications of a Problem

I went to a "Bike Estate Sale" today and spent way too much time sifting through mounds of parts, wheels, frames, and everything in between.

It was quite overwhelming. The whole collection was assembled by one person, but it honestly looked like the contents of a modest bike shop. More than three quarters of it was still new in the box. To give some sense of it, There were litteraly thousands of spokes and at least, at least three dozen chains. I've worked at shops that didn't stock that many chains.

There was old stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff, just every kind of bike related stuff you could imagine.

Most of it was road bike stuff, but I found a few nice mountain bike bits. And truth be told, I picked up some road bike parts too. I'm almost embarrassed by how little I paid for some (most) of it.

And some how, I forgot one of the parts I wanted. I guess I'll just have to go back tomorrow...

I hope the departed gentleman who accumulated all this equipment has gone on to a more peaceful and less cluttered place.

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