Me, Myself and Catherine

By cspeakman

JoSiTo's: Day 4

Trebenna Ancient city. Worked into and around the steep limestone crags high above the valley, overlooked by mountains and overlooking the bay towards modern antalya. We walked up from the camp through steep pine woodland, dotted with large limestone boulders. As we got higher we noticed deep oblongs cut into the tops of some of the boulders. Then carved and ornate lids to these, tossed and broken on the slopes below. Long since raided sarcophagi. As we looked around our eyes became more and more attuned to many of these all over the hillside. We walked on and between the trees a glimpse of the ruins was seen clinging to the cliff-face. Ornate pillars and carvings stood broken amongst the trees and scrubby bushes that are reclaiming the hilltop for themselves. I have found only a little information about this lycian city from my admittedly limited investigations, but it was present in 100AD, and certainly prosperous in 300AD. I would be fascinated to learn more. Exploration was intriguing though I suspect as much as we saw, there would be far more obscured by the vegetation. The stone plaque in the photograph had had the first few lines carefully redacted. I wonder why, and what they said?

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