Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Veni, vici, vidi (sic)

Went out for a ride this afternoon: 45 minutes - much of it on the road getting to the dirt and back. There were 1.7 km of dirt road, mainly flat, but lots of ruts (cars are allowed up it). 

After struggling up a mahoosive gravelly hill on the way out to the lookout with its stunning views I decided that after reaching immense speeds on the huge downhill on the return trip, I'd stop and take a photo from ground level to show off my orsome hill-climbing MTB l33tness ...

... Predictably, I scarcely noticed the downhill. Rather small, it turns out it was. xP So I didn't take the photo. ;-)

Instead I took this of my bike at the lookout. Here it is large.

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