A (jazzy) day in the life

By Pimpmasterjazz

Oh, the irony...

How often do you see a wheel-less caravan? Are the wheels worth a lot? Are they really a desirable commodity?

James looks a little gormless next to a said caravan in deepest, darkest south Wales after riding the Whites Level trail.

The trail centre is built in an old mining area where there's not a lot of employment. There's a house just outside the centre that was for sale 7 years back for £6000. What's great about the centre here is that it attracts people from all over the UK which then provides a much needed boost to the local economy. I know I'm biassed, but I see this and similar centres as a fantastic thing.

For what it's worth, I agree with the comments made about Maggie Thatcher's statue by Stephen Hepburn. ;-)

This was sat next to what looked like a burberry sofa in a skip which is a shame; it would've looked great in my flat.

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