Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

mini pinks

say cheeeeese!

The morning started out perfectly. A lie in. A cup of tea in bed. And a delivery of chocolate cookies from the wonderful "jumpingbeans" in the post. (how cool is that?)

We had a lazy quiet morning. Then we bribed the mini pinks with the promise of the golden arches for a lunch time treat. The weather has been horrid today, and we really needed to do some jobs in town, so we thought a "happy meal" would cheer us all up!

Two mini pinks full of "happy meals" and back out into the rain. We got jobs done. We looked in the toy department of the department store, and then we came home again.

And the rest of the afternoon was a blur of napping, rain, pasta, dancing to the shamen with Miss Pink (!!) and reading Peppa Pig meets the Queen. Apparently the Queen likes jumping in muddy puddles.

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