Nanchang 2012

By Nanchang2012


The Nanchang International Motor Show graces the city with cars from all over the world, still the biggest market on the planet. Not only do we get most of the domestic manufactures from China, which sell very well, also the foreign company's that build here, BMW, AUDI, VW, to my knowledge, also, the common imports from Japan, France, UK and others.
With the unusual, and in my opinion, badly trained driving style here, it is interesting to see a MercBens SLS AMG Gullwing (doors open like birds wings in flight) in bright red, the Chinese like red...An assortment of luxury UK Bentley's including the 2 door bulky but sporty Bentely GT...Range Rovers and the newest Land Rovers...Include the Porsche Panamera the wide 4 door Porsche and the SUV Cayenne...The female curvaceous styling of the Italian Maserati Quattroporto and Granturismo, these are great autos but all fade a little in contrast with the missile like styling of the Lime Green Lamborghini Gallardo, for close to a mere 5 mil RMB, tucked away at the back of the exotic import section of the show.
I will mention that most of the show is indoors...extreme noise from sound systems, to the point of eardrums exploding...masses of people...looking and buying... Ignorant photographers forcing and pushing to shoot the car models...who have a tough job keeping their smiles...they are always lovely...and with all the people and lights with the weather...bad air and heat...someone doesn't think they need the air on.
Now back to my photo...The american icon of high horsepower...Muscle....speed and the growling sound of the engine...all this make me a little homesick...This car displayed in China was built at the General Motors plant in my city of Oshawa, Ontairo, CANADA...(photo by Iain Dewar)

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