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Incoming Northwest Front

Monday. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Walkies with the "B" Team.

The Boss says that the weather report was terrible but as often is the case in Wanaka the reality does not match the prediction and although it is a little cooler at 7 degrees The boss slaps a jacket on, We pick up MY FRIEND A (acyclinggranny) and off we go. A great place to dodge the wind is the Outlet Track which runs all the way to Albert town and beyond. You remember all those leaves on this track from an earlier Blip? Well they're all gone and there is a Winter feel in the air.
One the way back there were gusts of wind blowing stuff around across the Mighty Clutha River and I can see this great MONOCHROME (well that's how I see everything OK? ) so I make a fuss. The Boss stops and gets his camera out and the rest is history. The rest of the team just keep walking as they are used to us stopping all the time for pictures and they know that we will catch up at the end.
Oh have I told you what happens at the end of these Monday walks?
Now today A shouts The Boss a hot chocolate.
Standard or Delux? asks the nice lady.
Whats Delux? Asks A
Nice lady explains
2 Delux please, says A
YUM says The Boss... Dunking his Delux Chocolate bar into his Hot Chocolate. Disgusting!
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