the edges of my life

By raej

bad taste?

took this tonight in a bar run by vietnamese - but catering to foreign tourists....

today is Reunification Day - this day in 1975 the vietnam war officially ended when Saigon was captured.
I read an interview in yesterdays paper about the soldier who planted the flag on the roof of the imperial palace - thus symbolically ending the war - his tank had run out of bullets so he simply rammed the gates to get entry - palace officials who had surrendered tried to get him to use the lift to reach the roof but he was a simple villager who thought they were trying to trap him in a box.........

many exiled vietnamese see today as symbolic of defeat - but for most vietnamese it is a day to remember the horrors of a war that has scarred the soul of vietnam

the tv today showed real images from the war including people being burned alive and it made me remember the images of pain and suffering I saw at the photographic museum in Saigon a few months ago....

so is this pop art cynical, provoking and amusing or just plain bad taste?

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