A day in the life!!

By Ilisa

Running kit

Wee blip of my new running shoes, and Nike+ sensor kit,

Well I am trying for the 5k race for life, but I am really needing a fitness boost,

I got we'd last year and I lost 40lbs to fit into my dress, a whole lot if Zumba,

But I don't want to stop their still got a bit to go, so the race for life is an inspiration and a motivation for my own fitness as well as its great cause!

Been doing the couch to 5k programme for 3weeks now, so time to spoil myself with some new running shoes and Nike sensor that attaches to my shoe lace and magically tells the route and distance I just ran! Was amazing... Can't believe I got the bottle to run outside... But I did and I enjoyed it, really different from the treadmill :-D

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