David J. Rose

By djrose007

Welcome Home Dad!

Went to Portsmouth and back today to take Julia back to her camp. She's had Pneumonia so quite poorly but she's picked up a bit and she had an appointment this afternoon. The Medical Officer put her on light duties for a while, NO, she doesn't have to change all the light bulbs on the camp!

The boys, furry variety, went mad when I got back as usual. They calmed down a bit by the time I grabbed the camera but were still waiting for a bit of a fuss and to say 'Hello Dad' properly.

Dogs always give you a good welcome home. I remember I used to live in a house in Churchdown, Gloucester, with a couple of mates when I was in the RAF. One of them had a Labrador called 'Rusty'. I left to go to Malta in Sept 1972 and returned in February 1974. When I walked through the door Rusty just went mad and jumped up at me and ran around the house and jumped up again, tail knocking everything all over the place!

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