Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

A big climb

I caught this lady bird climbing amongst the grass and forget me nots. She wouldn't pose for a photo though, just kept climbing up and down.

In the world of Pink today, Miss Pink fell over on the school run and is now sporting a round graze on her forehead. Master pink was ready for school on time (woohoo). And the Messy Mama pack arrived in the post - how exciting.

Miss Pink and I went to Edward Bear this morning, which was fun. Miss Pink didn't want me to go far from her, but that's ok, we had fun playing with Miss Piggy and the dollies. It's lovely that lots of the children there will be her classmates in a couple of years.

Master Pink and I had some time on our this afternoon, as Miss Pink went to her grandparents this afternoon. It was good, we played shops, and Master Pink added a "plants" display to our lounge walls (!)
He had Beavers today and he really seemed excited to be going. So we've taken the plunge and ordered the uniform for him. Looking forward to seeing him being invested.

And today I found out about a local camera class.... I may be brave and take the plunge. Eek.

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