Ying and Yang.

Can't believe it's May already, what happened to April.

Another frustrating day, the estate agent wanted to bring all her colleagues around for them to view the house, they would be round between 10 and 12, needless to say they came at 12. They were only here 5 minutes, but it just mucked up the day.

Plus we are waiting to hear whether either of the two families who have already seen the house, and apparently loved it, are going to put in an offer.

I hate the waiting.

Sophia and Neo were sitting on the spare room bed, whilst birds outside were going crazy flying at the windows because they could see them both.

Earlier this bed had been a bit of a scene as to who was going to sleep on it.

Sophia was on it first, until Neo came along and there was a bit of a spat ( Sophia does all the hissing and spitting), so she got off and Neo took her place. Then Sophia decided to come back for another go, and Neo got off and Sophia took his place. Then Sophia got bored and left and Neo has been sleeping there all day since.

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