One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad

anthony's tomatoes

Driving along Orange Valley Road into Kalamunda village I've often passed a huge thicket of old lemon trees.
Over recent months the thicket has been pruned and in part cleared, planted with tomatoes, capsicums and chillies. Today I spotted Anthony, harvesting his tomato crop. Anthony is my 'go to fellow' at the local hardware shop. There is nothing he doesn't know about paint, putty, tools and all such things, explaining with great patience the best way to go about a specific job.

Now he is tending an acre!!! of allotment and running the Men's Shed in town. Now too I am learning about the best tomatoes to plant and how a very Reubenesque Roma tomato can be picked green ,pickled in vinegar and eaten like a gherkin.
Tomatoes, he tells me, should be picked and eaten still with a green tinge while they are still quite tart and firm. Aussies eat them overly red, sweet and soft apparently!!

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