One of the things that is different about Germany is that if a holiday is on a date, it stays on that date - they don't shift the holiday to the nearest Monday. That means that if Christmas is on a Saturday, you don't get the Monday off (that's known as an Arbeitgeber's (Bosses')holiday). Today is Mayday and so everyone (everyone not working in a restaurant or hotel) was off. A Tuesday holiday, how very pleasant.

We were out at the City Of Bears for a bit of work in the garden and then a bit of a walk. On the walk, we met this rather large beetle. Looks rather good I think. We also saw lots of newts but they were underwater and I can't convince my little point and shoot to focus on anything underwater at all. Shame because there was a really great blue coloured newt with a cool looking crest thing. Where's Gussie Fink-Nottle when you need him?

Out tonight to a very Old Fashioned German Restaurant. It was fun in a way - the salad dressing was sweet - really, the toilets were straight out the 1970s catalogue (Brown was the old new Black if you see what I mean). Lots of chat and then home to Yeowly cat. Enjoyed that.

Yesterday's song in German was the Foo Fighters' Everlong, and here's today's :-

Im ersten Teil der Reise
schaute ich all das Leben an
Da waren Pflanzen und Vögel und Felsen und Dinge
Da war Sand und Hügel und Ringe

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