Seldom Seen Kid

By JM1990

My favourite place in the world

This is the giant map of Florida that I have pinned up on my wall. All of the stars are places that I have been to/stayed at. Florida is my absolute favourite place in the world, and not simply because of all of the amusements/theme parks. There is so much to do, so much sun, sport, sea, food, just everything suits me perfectly :) After 7 trips I consider myself and honorary Floridian, I think I've earned that right haven't I? Just to deal the deal I am a die hard Tampa Bay buccaneers fan and have been for around 10 years.

After unis done and I have enough money I shall be packing my bags and heading back to Florida to sample the lifestyle again, whether it's as a holiday or permanently (the latter would probably need a lottery win!!haha ).

Florida I salute you!

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