Darling Harbour

First day of the conference today, WebDU, more of a developers conference than I'd normally go to, but in my area of interest. Although I did attend the same conference, 4 years ago (!) now it seems. And since Mrs PS had one here at the same time, learning about Dementia, it made sense to come.

Overall, an interesting day, maybe not quite as much as I'd expected to learn, but often it's hard to tell. There are fewer takeaways "this is what I learnt" and more big picture questions. Such as, what is the most appropriate framework, for developing mobile aps.

Beer and Q&A for 5.30, then function that I attended briefly. Was quite keen to get outside to be honest, given that the hotel is located right in this picture. So I walked around, back to Chinatown, around the harbour, and then back for a relatively early night in the hotel.

A good day.

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