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Well here I am - 100 blips and far more than 100 new friends later .......

One Hundred (all English speaking countries)

Cent (France)

Cien (Spain)

Een Honderd (S Africa)

Hundrede (Denmark)

Honderd (Holland/Netherlands)

Sada (Estonia)

Sata (Finland)

Einhundert (Germany)

Száz (Hungary)

Eitt hundrað (Iceland)

Un centinaio (Italy)

Viens simts (Latvia)

Ett hundre (Norway)

Sto (Poland)

Cem (Portugal)

Hundra (Sweden)

Yüz (Turkey)

Cant o (Wales)

I have no idea if this idea for a blip has been done before - if so, I apologise - if not, hey, I thought of something original!!!!!

The world looks good on large here

Whatever language you use (and I apologise for missing out any fellow-blippers' languages and also for any I got wrong and used a bad word by mistake!), wherever you are in the world and whatever you chose to post in your journal - I can really only say this .......

Thank you 'Blip Central' for making this site so addictive, so well run and so much fun!

An even bigger thank you to everyone who has looked through my journal over the past 100 days, commented, given me stars and hearts, helped me onto the spotlight page on a few occasions, offered advice and just generally been wonderful "friends" around the world.

Most definitely some "DWD" here!!!!

Roll on the next 100 for all of us!

~ Anni ~

PS - not exactly what I had planned to do but my blipday has coincided with the day of my return from the USA - not a lot of time to be any more inventive.

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