David J. Rose

By djrose007

Marlanes' Passion

Marlane doesn't feature very much in my Blips so here's one for her.
What she loves most, other than me of course, Oh, and the dogs, is ancestory.
She has been doing our family tree, and friends that have asked her to look into their past, for years.
Got back to 1560 on my Mothers side, a little before my mother was actually born and even before the civil war in England.
Hasn't been able to go back that far on her parents side due to Dutch records being destroyed when something unfortunate happened over there between 1939 and 1945. Also on the Irish side a lot of records are unavailable.

One thing that did happen which uncovered a string on her Fathers side (Sgt Peter Zegveld, ex Dutch Army and British RAF) was when her sister, Yvonne, emigrated to Tasmania with her family. When she registered the children at the school they noticed the name Zegveld, as she'd kept her own family name along with her married name.
'We've got a Zegveld in the school already' she was told. It turned out to be a long lost cousin of Peter Zegveld. We met the Taz Zegveld family when we went there in January/February 2002. What an amazing coincidence.

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