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By QueSeraSara

Fixed on Five

Today is:
1. The Kentucky Derby
2. Cinco de Mayo
3. Kubla Khan's anniversary as ruler of the Mongolian Empire
4. The 62nd Coronation Year of Bhumibol Adulyedej as King Ram IX of Thailand
5. My birthday

Ever since I can remember, I have been fixated on the number five. I'm sure it's connected to my being born the 5th day of the 5th month. Mentally, I tend to tally or organize things in relation to the number 5. All things (in my mind) seem to happen in fives, be divisible by or multiplies of 5, or somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to five. And I am not alone is this sickness obsession; apparently there is even a "universal law."

"Everything in the universe relates to the number 5, one way or another, given enough ingenuity on the part of the interpreter." ~ Principia Discordia, Law of Fives

Though I doubt there is any kind of serious repercussion if one breaks this debatable law, I happily obey it. If whatever I am involved with, working on, or planning for can easily be identified with 5, then I have an odd (5 is an odd number) comfort with it. So, in my mind this is going to be a spectacular year, starting today: 5- 5-2012 (2+0+1+2= 5).

"I know that two and two make four -- and should be glad to prove it too if I could -- though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure."
~ Lord Byron

(The photo is a Photoshop collage of fives that includes a birthday card from my partner Kathy)

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