an itching in my thumbs

By itchythumbs


today was awesome. :)

i don't know where to start, so here's a list:

intense yoga this morning
leisurely start to the day after that
paul simon, oatmeal, shower
a few hours at the nature center
birds and lizards and some plants, too
sitting at the intersection of 7th & university on the way back
brian texts - antique mall?
there is one just on the corner of montgomery and 30, right by my house
we laugh at cat-themed booths
and buy some souvenirs
now i am drinking chocolate milk out of a cow glass
it's classy, though, i promise.
i'm not sure when this turned into a free verse poem, but i'm rolling with it
made some twice baked sweet potatoes
now i'm gonna sit on the porch
and watch the supermoon rise while i eat dinner.

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