In a Marcie Minute

By INaMarcieMinute


For the record... it is a pain in the @*&! to get behind on blips.

The Golfer
Long Ship
Head Lock
CSL Niagara
Short Blip

On the upside, I had a wonderful invitation from a friend to try some "astrophotography" from his home which has a great view. He has a telescope that can attach a camera too it that I think he acquired or it came with his home. I hope it will be compatible with my camera... we all know how these things can be complicated.

Unfortunately, the weather was quite bleak today and remains overcast tonight and our plans fell through, but I downloaded a MoonPhase app for the iphone in hopes of coordinating a clear night with a great moon!

On another note, I picked up graduation photos of Josh and my nephew Nick today and they look great. However, the hard drive is not officially functioning, so my 23,000 other photos are still at risk. Yes, 23,000... I should have captured the look of "horror" on Dave's face when he announced it to me. The kids were shocked, too. It was practically an "intervention", and Dave is starting me on a new photo organizing system to prevent me from clogging up the hard drive, and of course it will include backing up my photos.

I'm sure so-o-me-b-o-odd-y-yyyy out there can beat 23,000....

I really look forward to catching up on your blips in the next couple days!

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