To See New Englandly

By distractedhausfrau

Hip Flask Slinging Madman

from Hey! Jack Kerouac by Natalie Merchant

This is the grave of Jack Kerouac. I'm not sure how well-known he is outside of the US, but he is considered a rather influential American writer. I remember reading him, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and other beatnik poets in college.

I always think of him as a San Francisco beat generation figure and didn't realize he was from Lowell, Massachusetts. Pocho pointed that out after last week's famous-grave blip. (Thanks, pocho!)

Coincidentally, the 'Lowell Celebrates Kerouac' festival took place over the past several days. When I saw his grave this morning, several notes remained.

Here are some close-ups (mostly for pocho, but also for anyone else interested):

Embrace Existence
Wish Me Luck
Rose for your hair...
Sorted Out

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