Konik pony

We went out this morning, and met up with my sister Bryher and Gazimp over at Wiken Fen. It was like a mini blip meet.

We didnt do the full walk, but the kids and adults went up one of the Hides.

We went off to look for the ponies, normally when we have been before the ponies have been to far away, only to have been seen zoomed in with the camera. They were right by the fence. One of the trust staff was nearby, she asked the kids not to feed the pony as they get used to people then start begging, this one is only a foal.
We were also fortunate to witness the stallion come and round up a foal when it got seperated from the rest of the herd.

Off out round to my sisters for tea with my parents and Gazimp.

Have a good day :)

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