Travels Through A Lens

By SnapshotSam

Distilled Memories

I went to Saltaire Open Houses which showcases artists work in people's living rooms. You get to see the work, the artists themselves and inside the houses. It is a great venue as all the houses were built for the workers of Salts Mill, now owned by David Hockney, the mill that is. Saltaire is also a World Heritage site and a very arty community.

I've blipped these bottles as they were by one of the artists and as I was looking around, the artist was photographing the bottles (not that I knew he was the artist at the time) and I thought they made a great display. I was saying it is tricky to get the lighting right due to the backlighting and he agreed. I asked if I could take some photos and as I was doing so he liked the photos and asked if I could send some to him, which I will although the window behind could do with a clean :)

He asked if I was a photographer and I said I liked photographing things and do blipfoto and showed him what it is. I tell everyone about it! Anyway, this is the only way people can see my photos, although I do have a Flickr account I haven't posted to Flickr since starting blip. Hopefully I will have more time to post more than one photo a day over the next few weeks and build up my blipfolio.

This is a backblip as I have been out most of the weekend.

I take it all back about the weather as its been sunny and warm (in the sun) so far so I'm a happy girl :)

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