Paul's Imagination.

By paulransom


An odd mix of realisations.

Firstly, I've realised, somehow, I need to pick up my game. My own work 'n shizz... Flip knows how though. My my.

Because, my second realisation was that I probably shouldn't spend as much time as I do on work. I enjoy the work I do (most of the time) but I'm at flippin' uni and should be doing more crazy, fun stuff. I'm happily working loads, but I'm sure I should find a better balance of interesting stuff to do. I won't get the chance as much once I'm out in the working world!


Struggling to work, I went for a little stroll (on the suggestion of Mark) to get a blip and a coke, before sitting back down at my desk. It worked very well, a good couple hours done once I returned.

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