a little bit of the difference

Interesting. Haven't been to a neuroscience lecture for about nine years until this evening and they never had Qs&As at the end back then. None were delivered by someone who sounded extremely like Dr Nick Riviera either. Mostly familiar stuff though I refrained from explaining this to the rest of the audience unlike the woman in front of me who felt the need to simperingly "mmm-hmmm!" at every other point and turn round to nod at people just to let everyone know that that's exactly what she thought, don't you thinkHMMMM? (At least) one other blipper was also in attendance and in a mild co-surprincidencelet the bloke on duty in the host building was a vague acquaintance from ESCA days thirteen years ago. Unfortunately the name of the former was not remembered whilst the latter was. The occurrence of an equally pertinent and interesting thingby on Thursday was also learned. Hmmm.

After not getting any lunch today after being called to another building to speak to visiting-people about things we'd like them to build us and not taking my apple-foods with me I was looking forward to a nice large meal for which I was more than slightly hungry when I got home this evening only to be reminded about the brain-memory speak-thing just as I was chopping some onions. Fortunately I remembered to stick the apples in my pocket before leaving, preventing unsoundly rumblings though they too would have been reminiscent of long-ago lectures though it was usually microbiology in the mornings during which my stomach was most audible.

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