twa craws feet

By donald

The Graveyard House ....

My Love she lives
in the Graveyard house.
She shares her bread
with a dog and a mouse.
At dawn she opens
the Graveyard gate.
She waits for the dead
and is never late.

My Love she cares
for the Graveyard flowers.
Each blade of grass
she tends for hours.
She looks to the sky
and calls it ours
and the dead are washed
in the Summer showers.

My Love she sings
to the shorter days.
The darkness comes
and she gives it praise.
I tell her I love her
and will love her always.
"Come to the Graveyard house,"
is all she says.

My Love she walks
in the Winter's snow.
Where-ever she walks
the Ravens go.
They talk in voices
harsh and low.
They whisper secrets
I never know.

My Love she lives
in the Graveyard house.
Now I live here too
with the dog and the mouse.
And our children sleep
until God calls
and they are born within
the Graveyard walls.

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