I like this junction on the way to work. One of these days I'll get off the bus and take a decent photo of it. Maybe. Today was one of those days when blips jumped out at me. I arrived at the office and the overhead light shone like the moon on the polished desk. Symbolic. Of the moon, actually. The bigger brighter moon which I'd been reading about. Talking of reading, I quite enjoyed this end to a film review by Philip French; "This is a splendid, understated film, unsentimental and wholly without that kind of cynicism that passes for worldly wisdom". That kind of cynicism that passes for worldly wisdom. Well said, Sir.
Without being pretentious (titter) it reminded of a section in Nausea, And then, about forty, they baptize their stubborn little ideas and a few proverbs with the name of Experience, they begin to imitate slot machines; put a coin in the slot on the left and out come anecdotes wrapped in silver paper; put a coin in the slot on the right and you get precious pieces of advice which stick to your teeth like soft caramels.
Must get on!

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