Mum's crayfish

Today is Mum and Dad's last day with me. This is a blip for Mum. She enjoyed her dinner enormously.

We've had a great time and no one has gone hungry. Today I prepared crayfish for them for lunch. There wasn't much talking while they tackled the beastie ;-)

Yesterday I declared it was Mother's Day a week early. Most years I'm at the other end of the country to Mum so why not? They managed to endure a meal of scallops. *Sigh* someone had to do it ;-)

All provided by the hunter along with the wild pork they'll return home with.

I'll be sad to see Mum and Dad go but glad nothing major happened in the earthquake department. Phew! To make their going easier I'm heading to the hunter for dinner. I'll be well fed and looked after :-)

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