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By QueSeraSara

Magnify by Fifty

This entry will mark my 5oth blip (for those you didn't see my May 5th blip, I tend to highlight the significance of 5's in my life), and I've been thinking a lot about blipping the last few days. I've been thinking about why doing a photo-a-day alongside a brief writing , then publishing it so friends and strangers around the world has access to it, has become meaningful to me. I'm sure the interactions with others about my words and pictures have enriched the whole experience. But, I believe it's the seeing, really focusing on the world and trying to give it perspective, that has impacted me. I've been so preoccupied, so busy, so-not-in-the-moment that my world became blurred. So, today, I'm thankful to have discovered a magnifying glass, of sorts, in blipping, the ability to focus more on the details of life and the particulars of the world around me.

"The greatest magnifying glasses in the world are a man's own eyes when they look upon his own person".
~ Alexander Pope

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