By Gracie123

Saving seeds

The Castle Quarter plant swap was such a great idea, but it made me realise that I've probably not been making the most of the Abel&Cole vegetable box scheme.

I'd factored into the cost that we would be ordering less towards the end of summer, as our garden becomes more productive and we can pick fruit from the park.

It wasn't until I started making Butternut squash crisps
(trying to preserve some of this weeks produce because we are on Live Below the Line) that I realised I was throwing away a tonne of seeds each week!

Good, healthy, organic seeds!!

My Able&Cole egg box even suggests I use it to grow seeds in, so this week that's exactly what I did. I put two in each pod, because I figure one might fail, but as we get through about 30 eggs a week at the moment I should be able to get plenty of little seed homes to grow some extra veg in. At least until we get some chickens of our own (long term dream).

What a great way to make the most of our fruit and vegetable boxes each week! And when I've got more than I can keep in our garden, I'll start donating seed to the school allotment.

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