Red Flash

By RedFlash

Before it's too late

It's a tulip and I've blipped it because you don't tend to see them from this angle and soon they will be removed and replaced with summer planting.

The day started with a surprise.

As I went through the barrier onto the platform there was a goods train sitting there. Now we normally see them going through on the way to the docks BUT NOT stationary. I thought that perhaps we were going to be boarding the crates instead of carriages. Apparently it was picking up another driver. Once it started I had this uncontrollable urge to jump aboard as 007 would have done.

Then I imagined the headlines saying a woman aged XX from Winchester fell and was killed while trying to board a goods train and thought Maybe not

The weed and feed is working on the lawn. The lawn is growing. The moss is looking black and the daisies are growing very well - I thought that you might be pleased that they are standing up to the challenge

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