Hon in Edinburgh

By honined


I was walking in the pouring rain on the way home with the camera, trying to avoid inevitable pictures of people sheltering underneath their umbrellas. I'm not entirely sure why, but everyday I still find shooting the first subject to be the hardest one to take, even after all these kind strangers who have agreed to be my subjects. The ice-breaker this evening was a chap having a coffee outside a cafe. I noticed him because his table had four big coffee cups lined up and I wondered if they were all his. He said no, and we had a chat while I took pictures of him. Then he fished a Nikon D700 with 85 f/1.4D out of his bag to take some pictures of me! He said he's a therapist but would like to be a full time photographer.

I noticed this girl because she was wearing a long dress that seemed totally inappropriate for the puddle-laden streets of Edinburgh today. She also seemed remarkably well kept for someone without an umbrella or any other obvious means of waterproofing.

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